Mosaic's Core Compliance Services

Automotive Industry  Compliance Training

Mosaic’s web-based, branded legal compliance and product training solution for dealerships educates dealership employees and installs verifiable processes.

Policy Development and Consulting

In order to provide greater value to the dealer, Mosaic makes available several templates for their use. These templates may be customized by the dealership to suit their particular situations

Online Policy Deployment and Verification

The Compliance Management System provides a paperless means of deploying dealerships’ policy documents. Each document is “hung” on the dealership’s unique and branded webpage within the System.

The combination of these three services make up the foundation of the Mosaic Compliance Management System. Click the link below to learn more.

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Additional Services

Third-Party Auditing

Innovative Complaint Resolution System

Environmental Health and Safety

Third-party compliance reviews are an important part of a thorough compliance program.  However, these audits can be labor intensive and require extensive travel. Find out what solutions we may have for your dealership.

The CFPB requires finance sources to only extend credit through dealerships that employ a compliance management system   One specific requirement of such a C.M.S is that it include a consumer complaint resolution process.

Many employees in a dealership are required to be compliant in EH&S regulations. This content is provided under license from one of Mosaic’s partner companies in the EH&S field.

The attorneys and consultants of Mosaic provide a range of other services on an inexpensive, á là carté basis. Services include training specific to the actual F&I products sold at your dealership, on-site compliance audits, and on-site training. Click the link to the right to find out more about these services.

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It is far more cost- effective to develop a Compliance Program than to deal with a lawsuit!

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