Fully-Managed Automotive Compliance Training

An easy-to-use Learning Management System that ensures that all of your employees are meeting Federal Compliance Regulations.


Unique, Personal Relationship

Customizable content helps ensure that your dealership is receiving the exact training that its employees need. No more, no less.


Real-Time Tracking and Reporting Functions

Monitor each of your dealerships employees' Compliance Training Progress with customizable reports. We'll help make sure no one gets left behind.

Mosaic's Learning Management System was designed to comply with regulations outlined in the CFPB. Our eLearning approach to compliance training helps dealerships to stay on top of new laws and become experts on existing ones.

About Mosaic

Company Overview

Mosaic Interactive, LLC d/b/a Mosaic Compliance Services is a company created by dealership attorneys to create web-based legal compliance and training tools for automobile, RV, motorcycle and marine dealerships.

Mosaic helps dealers establish a compliance culture within their dealerships by providing the broadest range of legal training modules, materials and tools currently available at any price. And despite the tremendous depth and breadth of its offerings, the Mosaic compliance program is available for a low monthly subscription fee, or for free - or less, making virtue profitable.

Today's regulatory environment makes it nearly impossible to both sell cars and remain compliant with constantly changing Federal Laws. You handle the cars, we'll handle compliance.

Providing the tools for dealership-wide compliance

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Try Mosaic's Compliance Management System and see just how easy compliance could be.

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